Where we come from

Proven feasibility — backed by clinically relevant timeframes.

Our team has developed the technology to profile tumor biopsies with whole genome and transcriptome sequencing in clinically relevant timeframes.

We have demonstrated the clinical feasibility of our test. Witnessing the impact of this technology on clinical care has been a transformative experience. We feel the urgency to make Isabl GxT available to every cancer patient.

Leveraging the excellent work of those who came before us.

The pioneering advancements of the team at Isabl continue bring us closer to our goals.

Increase Clarity + Reduce Complexity

Deliver clinically relevant findings to physicians and directs biopharma resources into cDX development – with more clarity, not greater complexity.

Uncover All Treatment Options

Provide truly comprehensive diagnosis and customized cancer treatment options with the potential to improve the outcomes for cancer patients around the world.

Guarantee Rapid Results

Enable rapid cancer whole genome and transcriptome test (cWGTS) in clinical timeframes.

Our Mission

To unlock the mystery of the whole cancer genome – and radically improve diagnosis and treatment for all patients, everywhere.

Our goals are to

  • Leverage the power of the entire human genome to radically transform cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • Transform breakthrough hypotheses and discoveries into useful, state-of-the-art diagnostic tests

  • Lead world-class scientific programs with clinical impact

  • Drive evidence-based molecular biomarker discoveries

  • Develop patient-tailored, clinical decision support tools

  • Make a remarkable difference – one patient at a time

Our core values


Dedicated to Deep Insights in Oncology


Adaptable Expertise in Diagnostics


Pioneering Tomorrow's Diagnostic Solutions


Consistent Accuracy, Trusted Results


Unyielding Commitment to Discovery and Care


Ethical Excellence in Every Step


Isabl is the product of leading, world-class minds.

Over 120 years combined experience in medical diagnostics and cancer research across dozens of top cancer facilities, schools, and research and treatment centers.

Leadership team

Elli Papaemmanuil

PhD, CEO and Scientific Co-founder

Expertise in the application of AI to precision medicine. Publications in NEJM, Nature Genetics, Nature Medicine, >43K citations (h-index 70).

Juan Medina

CTO and Technical Co-founder

Biomedical and Software Engineer. Lead developer of the Isabl Platform.

Andrew Kung

MD PhD, Medical Co-Founder

Chair, Department of Pediatrics Memorial Sloan Kettering. Early adopter and KOL of precision genomic medicine approaches in clinical oncology (h-index 112).

Isabl Team

Minal Patel

Director of Operations

Stan Skrypzak

Chief Business Officer (acting)

Max Levine

Computational Biology Engineer

Kevin Hadi

Computational Biologist

Aditya Deshpande

Computational Biologist

Gunes Gundem

Computational biology consultant

Scientific Advisory Board

Matthew Meyerson (Chairman)

Professor of Pathology and Genetics at Harvard Medical School, and Director for Cancer Genome Discovery at DFCI (h-index ~220). Co-founder of Foundation Medicine.

Our journey

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Two Sigma Ventures
Y Combinator
Box One
Isabl Inc. spun off from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2020 and has been funded by Two Sigma Ventures, Y Combinator, BoxOne Ventures, and others.